The Maple Syrup Story

Native Americans were the first to discover the fact that sap from maple trees could be processed into maple syrup and sugar. While there are no authenticated accounts of how this process was discovered, there are several interesting legends.

One popular legend is that a Native American chief hurled his tomahawk at a tree which happened to be a maple, and the sap began to flow. The clear liquid that dripped from the wound collected in a container on the ground below. His wife, believing the liquid was water, used it to cook venison.

Both the meat and the sweet liquid that remained were found to be delicious. Retracing what had happened, they discovered the sweet sap from the maple tree made the difference. The process was repeated and the rest is now history.

Pure Maple Syrup is nature's healthful sweetener. It contains minerals and vitamins, and is a natural source of energy. Traditionally it's served on pancakes, waffles and French toast - or how about . . . Over ice cream, a gourmet choice; on grapefruit, hot cereal and granola, for get-up-and-go; over plain yogurt for a quick and healthy lunch; in stir-fry and sweet-and-sour dishes for extra flavor; in coffee, tea or milk; on winter squash or carrots - even the kids will like their veggies!

Or use it to cut calories! Honey's better than white sugar, but maple syrup is better than both. It has 12 fewer calories per tablespoon than honey and contains more zinc, potassium, magnesium and bone-strengthening calcium. Try it in oatmeal, smoothies and muffins.

Sweet Maple Syrup may fight cancer and other diseases as well. Click Here.

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